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urosport is the leading sports multimedia platform in Europe. Our mission is to bring fans the most engaging sports coverage across our different media platforms: whether it be television, internet or mobile. Eurosport’s offer is built on experience, innovation and passion, which is why we remain a reference for sports entertainment around the globe.



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Eurosport is Europe’s leading sports channel, broadcast in 59 countries and 20 languages to over 123 million homes. Eurosport HD is the simulcast of Eurosport in high definition. Each year, Eurosport airs up to 3,000 hours of LIVE sports programmes featuring the biggest events as well as original shows dedicated to football, motorsports, tennis, cycling, wintersports and much more. Eurosport’s renowned editorial expertise, top class commentary and innovative production technology all contribute to Eurosport’s status as a sports reference in Europe and around the world.

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Eurosport 2 reaches over 48 million homes and is broadcast in 16 languages in 47 countries. Eurosport 2’s programming offer features a line-up of top LIVE events, team and action sports and an array of sports entertainment. To offer fans the most exhaustive programme line-up, Eurosport and Eurosport 2 share coverage of selected major events. The combination of LIVE sports action, up‑to‑the-minute news and original magazines makes Eurosport 2 an innovator in the sports broadcast universe.

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Eurosport Events organises, promotes and develops international sporting events. Today, Eurosport Events features a portfolio of top-class events including: •  IA WTCC: As one of the most spectacular and fastest growing motorsports series, the FIA F WTCC is a thrilling competition with the best touring car drivers in the world. •  RC: An international and prestigious rally series, authorised by the FIA, where established I drivers and up-and-coming talents compete together. Fans can follow prestigious rallies such as the famous Monte-Carlo Rally. The IRC brings a new perspective to the world of rallying. •  lobal Champions Tour: This ultimate equestrian show jumping event is a high-status G competition gathering the world’s most prestigious CSI-5* outdoor events into one Championship. The Tour provides all horse riding fans with the very best in show Jumping.

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Eurosport.com, the digital destination for sports news and live results, has a network of 12 local sites in 11 languages, including 4co‑branded sites with Yahoo!. Fast and accurate, our LIVE online content combined with our ability to connect fans via communities means Eurosport is always first with the sports stories that matter. The best of sport at one address: eurosport.com

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The site is available in: English - German - Italian - Spanish French - Swedish - Russian - Chinese Polish - Turkish - Arabic.

million unique users per month and growing!


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The eurosport.com  mobile  application offers the largest selection of sports news, LIVE results and videos and is available free of charge in 10 different languages on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. The iPhone version of this application tops the rankings with over 3 million downloads worldwide (December 2010). The Eurosport  Player  mobile  application provides LIVE streaming of the Eurosport TV channels and is available upon subscription in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Eurosport Player
Eurosport’s online video subscription service, provides LIVE access to live simulcast streams of the Eurosport TV channels, additional exclusive live content and access to an extensive on demand video library, all direct to the fans’ PC. The service is currently available in 59 countries and 20 different languages.


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urosport continues to be the home of great LIVE events, and 2011 is no exception. With world-class consultants, renowned commentary and analysis and state-of-the-art broadcast technology, our channels continue to bring fans around the world unsurpassed sports coverage. The Tour de France, the Australian, French and US tennis Opens, as well as the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 are just some of the exceptional LIVE events this year on the flagship channel, Eurosport. A sensational line-up of top world championships: Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Swimming and Snooker, further enrich this year’s offer. Eurosport 2 will continue its innovative coverage of team and action sports, including exclusive coverage of the FIS Snowboard and Freestyle Ski World Championships. Premium football also has a place on Eurosport 2 with Live coverage of the Bundesliga in 22 territories across Europe. Throughout the year, the channel will also share Eurosport’s LIVE coverage of premium events. Together, Eurosport and Eurosport 2 form a unique sports entertainment platform offering coverage of the greatest sports events and all-time sporting heroes. Fans can follow the victories, comebacks and records of stars such as Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal, Lindsey Vonn, Michael Phelps and Kelly Slater. Beyond TV, fans can follow all the action on the group’s different media platforms: eurosport.com, Eurosport mobile and Eurosport Player. Join Eurosport in 2011 and follow your passion for sport.




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2011 oN EurosporT

Complete programming schedules & updates on www.eurosportcorporate.com

RALLY: Dakar 1-16 January TEnnIS: Australian Open 17-30 January

fEBruary February fEBruary
ALPInE SKIInG: World Championships 8-20 February nORDIC SKIInG: World Championships 24 February - 6 March

CYCLInG: Giro 7-29 May TEnnIS: French Open 22 May - 5 June

CAR RACInG: 24 hours le Mans* 11-12 June
*Rights to be confirmed

FOOTBALL: FIFA Women’s World Cup* 26 June - 17 July
* No broadcast in Scandinavia

TEnnIS: US Open 29 August - 11 September FOOTBALL: Champions Club show Season launch: 12 September

FOOTBALL: EURO 2012 qualifiers 7-11 October TEnnIS: WTA Championships 25-30 October


BIATHLOn: World Championships 3-13 March CYCLInG: Paris-Nice & San Remo 6-13 March & 19 March

CYCLInG: Spring Classics including Paris-Roubaix 10 April SnOOKER: World Championships 16 April - 2 May

CYCLInG: Tour de France 2-24 July SWIMMInG: World Championships 16-31 July

CYCLInG: Vuelta a España 20 August - 11 September

MOTORSPORTS: Season finale FOOTBALL: EURO 2012 qualifiers play-offs 11, 12 & 15 November

WInTERSPORTS SEASOn:   All World Cups SWIMMInG: Eurospean Short Course Championships 8-11 December

2011 oN EurosporT 2

Complete programming schedules & updates on www.eurosportcorporate.com

ICE HOCKEY: World U-20 Championships 26 December - 5 January SnOWBOARDInG: World Championships 15-23 January

FREESTYLE SKIInG: World Championships 2-5 February ACTIOn SPORTS: Winter DEW Tour 12-13 February

HAnDBALL: EHF Champions League Finals Women and Men: 7, 14 & 29 May BEACH SOCCER: European Cup

ACTIOn SPORTS: Summer DEW Tour Season launch MOTORSPORTS: Le Mans 24 hours* 11-12 June
* Rights to be confirmed

TEnnIS: US Open 29 August - 11 September AUSTRALIAn FOOTBALL LEAGUE:  Final series: 10 September - 1 October

SURFInG: ASP World Tour “The Search” ACTIOn SPORTS: Summer DEW Tour Finale

SURFInG: ASP World Tour TRIAL: World Indoor Championships 12 & 19 March

BASKETBALL: Eurocup Finals 16-17 April VOLLEYBALL: Italian Leagues* Playoffs Men and Women from 7 April
* except in Italy

FOOTBALL: Gold Cup 3-26 July BEACH SOCCER: Euro League

FOOTBALL: Bundesliga* Season launch: 5 August
*Northern, Eastern and Central European territories.

AREnA FOOTBALL LEAGUE:   Arena Bowl (Final): 20 August

BASKETBALL: Eurocup Season launch FMX: Gladiator Games



Media Contacts:
Michelle Gilbert +33(0) 1 40 93 81 42 mgilbert@eurosport.com Marc Hebert +33(0) 1 40 93 80 59 mhebert@eurosport.com Joe McAvoy +33(0) 1 40 93 81 93 jmcavoy@eurosport.com David Nosibor +33(0) 1 40 93 82 40 dnosibor@eurosport.com

Complete programming schedules & updates are available in our online press room at www.eurosportcorporate.com

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